Colombia Hector Zuniga

Colombia Hector Zuniga

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Country: Colombia

Farm: Finca La Suiza

Region: Huila

Varietal/Species: Variedad Colombia

Process: Washed | | Extended Fermentation

Roast Profile: Light

Flavour: Guava, Strawberry and Orange

Tin: 200g

Produced by Hector Zuñiga and his son. This micro-lot was exposed to a long dry anaerobic fermentation 75 hours below 18 degrees Celcius before being pulped and 90 additional hours after pulping below 18 degrees Celcius. Later the coffee is placed in mechanical dryers until ideal moisture content was achieved. This micro-lot is 100% Variedad Colombia. This variety was developed by the FNC after leaf rust spread in Colombia. Variedad Colombia has a high yield and it is resistant to leaf rust.

Roast Info: 

Best Consumed: 10-25 days post-roast date

This coffee is great for filter brew methods. Our favourites are Kalita Wave, Aeropress or Clever Dripper. For filter, we recommend 6g of ground coffee for every 100ml of water at approx 93c. Use your kitchen scales you’ll love it!