Xmas Candy Blend || Filter

Xmas Candy Blend || Filter

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Countries: Rwanda, Colombia & Ethiopia

Farm's: Cayto, Luis Calderon & Arsosala

Processes: Washed, Natural & Washed

Varietals: Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Bourbon

Roast Profile: Filter

Flavor: Dark Rum, Strawberry and Dorris Plum

Viking Coffee's festive blend is inspired by Christmas candy. This blend has been specially designed to remind you, your friends, and family of Christmas candy whilst sipping away this brew. This blend is super interesting as it shows cases all Bourbon type varieties. This is great as a gift this 2021 Christmas or to have yourself this Holiday season. 

Roast Info: 

Best Consumed: 5 - 30 days post-roast date

This coffee is great for almost all brew methods but our favorite is either Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Clever Dripper or Espresso. For filter, we recommend 6g of ground coffee for every 100ml of water at approx 96c. Use gram scales you love it! For espresso