Our Story

Viking Coffee is NZ's source to fresh roasted specialty coffee. We believe first and foremost good ingredients and high quality processes are critical to delicious coffee. "Crop" to "Cup" this our responsibility to do the farmer's justice for their hard work and why not share it with the world. We share information freely and believe that this a key to moving our industry forward. We believe that the experience of great coffee can change lives and we're ready to prove it.

The Difference
  • All roasts have been meticulously developed for each origin to find the sweet spot to be super delicious!
  • No Dark roasts... Taste the origin nuances not the roast
  • We Select and source only high grade ethical grown green coffee
  • Personalised support (Brewing, Coffee Education & any other coffee related questions) 
  • Personalised Coffee Subscriptions also available delivered to your home.

The People Behind it

Markus Hirner 
Coffee Expert
Cell: 0211739116

Maria Hirner

Viking Coffee HQ
Cafe - Espresso 245 -
6/245 St Asaph Street
Christchurch, 8011