Roasting Consulting

Markus has been roasting coffee for 7 years + in New Zealand and has been involved in cafe business's for 13 years. He has opened the opportunity to teach others his skills of becoming a successful roaster. Having already worked with small and large roasting firms to improve & problem solve current roasting techniques. The next step for the future is to teach others. Solid quality roasting education is very difficult to come by in New Zealand and has a rather secretive stigma here. 

In the current cafe / coffee roasting climate in NZ and globally there is a major shift to roasting in-house rather than buy in from a roaster. I have slowly come to accept this the way of the world and rather than fight it, adapt my business with the times.


  • Roast curve analysis
  • Remote roasting anywhere in the world ( Connected to your computer via TeamViewer, I can help you roasting remotely real time ) This is pretty cool and works very well.
  • Problem solving (Profiles, Machine Issues)
  • Advice on purchasing a coffee roaster
  • Profile development
  • Bean selection ( Blends and Single Origin offerings )

I understand there are other well known roasters globally that offer similar services that I am, which has actually inspired me to do the same. The difference when you choose me is that I am a much smaller operation and have more time to focus on each client and fine tune your roasting. You wont need to chase me around to get reply's, I will help you in a very timely manner and last of all my rates are much lower. Sure the other roasting consultants may have more experience than me and charge far more, but this is not suitable for everyone / business especially beginners and small business's that don't need all that the others may offer. 

RATES (excl GST/ NZD ) 

  • 1 roast curve analyzed $50.00
  • Consulting rate $100.00 per hour
  • Remote roasting rate $100.00 hour 
  • Onsite consulting $150 hour + travel expenses

The prices do truly reflect what you will be getting for your money and is a worth while investment to improve yourself (the roaster operator) and your business. The gains to your business will far exceed what you are paying. I am extremely flexible and treat every case with the same effort as the first. 

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