DECAF || Popayan || Colombia

DECAF || Popayan || Colombia

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Country: Colombia

 Farm: Small Holders

Region: Cauca

Varietal/Species: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Catimore & Typica

Process: E.A. Sugarcane decaf washed

Roast Profile: Light-Medium

Flavour: Dark Chocolate, Berries and Orange

E.A Decaf Process

Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) Decaffeination is a natural process that not only maintains astonishing integrity of green-coffee flavor, but also allows us to offer decaffeinated coffee that follows an integrated vertical supply chain, as the growing, processing, and even the full decaffeination process all happens at the source in Colombia.

Roast Info: 

Best Consumed: 10 - 30 days post roast date

This coffee is great for almost all brew methods but our favourite is either Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Clever Dripper or Espresso. For filter we recommend 6g of ground coffee for every 100ml of water at approx 96c. Use gram scales you love it!