EK43 Chamber Sanding Alignment
EK43 Chamber Sanding Alignment
EK43 Chamber Sanding Alignment

EK43 Chamber Sanding Alignment

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Push your grinder closer to perfection with our professional grinder alignment services. Our Grind Chamber Sanding service will modify your Ek43 or EK43s grinder by sanding down the grind chamber and burr carrier, and checking that the burrs are mounted within 0.01/0.02 mm of perfectly parallel. Carefully sanding the grinding chamber is a simple way to ensure proper alignment - but please note that this process is not reversible.

NOTE: Only the new style Ek43's with the Aluminum burr carrier can be sanded/faced. The older steel carriers cannot. Pictured below is the black colour burr carrier which is Aluminium. Most of the newer EK43s (Short) models are coming with an aligned mounting face but out of align burr carrier. If that is the case for your grinder we won't have to face the grinder side mounting... Therefore will be cheaper cost to you we will just charge for verifying is aligned with our dial indicator. 

How it works:

  • Upon confirming payment, your service order will be coordinated with our technician.
  • You will receive an email from our sales team confirming the service to be provided.
  • Once your grinder is received by the tech, they will evaluate the existing alignment and parallelism.
  • The grinding chamber will be carefully sanded down to eliminate high spots. This process is permanent and not reversible.
  • Burrs will be checked again to ensure they are within 0.02/0.01 mm of parallel.
  • Our technician will repack your grinder and arrange delivery with Viking Coffee
  • You will then receive an email with shipping confirmation and tracking.
  • If you have any questions along the way please contact vikingcoffeenz@gmail.com


  • Grind chamber sanded to bring burrs within 0.01 plus or minus 0.01mm of perfectly parallel
  • Permanent modification to grinder, cannot be reversed
  • Ensures high quality grinding results with your new EK43 or EK43S