Legend Blend || Espresso

Legend Blend || Espresso

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Countries: Brazil + Colombia

Regions: Pocos de Caldas & Tolima 

Producers: Royale & Reserve Gaitania

Varietal/Species: Mixed 

Process: Natural

Harvesting System: Manual picking

Roast Profile: Espresso

Roast Colour: 67.1 Agtron

Notes: Almond , Cocoa & Dried Fruits 


Brew Info

Dose: 18g (In Portafilter 18g VST Basket)

Extraction Volume: 38-40g in a 6oz Cup

Extraction Time: 28-30 seconds @ Pump Pressure 6-9 bar

Temperature: 94-95 Degrees C

Roast Info:

Best Consumed: 5-20 days post-roast date

This coffee is great for espresso brewing methods combined with any milk. Can also be served straight black