Thermocouple Compression Fitting 1.5mm (1/8 BSPP)

Thermocouple Compression Fitting 1.5mm (1/8 BSPP)

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Stainless Steel Compression Fitting with BSPP Parallel Thread

1/8 BSPP Thread

Will require you to drill a hole in your roaster and use a 1/8 BSPP tap to make the correct thread. If you don't feel confident we recommend you get a metal engineer to perform this task. Measure twice! This is a specialized tap so may have to order in.

Used for 1.5mm Thermocouples

• Enables a secure connection of a probe into the roaster faceplate or exhaust 
• Quick and easy adjustment of sensor immersion length
• Resistance to pressure applications
• BSPP parallel thread
• 303 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance